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  • I approached Melissa during an incredibly difficult time in my life.  I was trying to navigate a very tricky divorce.  I was overwhelmed, scared, and alone.  I reached out to Melissa for a discovery call to see if working with her could help.  It was one of the very best decisions I have ever made.

    Melissa UNDERSTOOD.  She was the very first person who actually understood what I was going through.  Friends and family really do try to help, but if they have never dealt with a narcissist before, they don’t really understand.  Melissa HEARD me, she listened and she understood.  She didn’t dismiss me and my concerns.  She gets it, she really, truly does.

    Melissa gave me action steps and practical advice to apply in my life, which have been unbelievably helpful. She has calmed my fears about leaving him, and taught me the skills to deal with him going forward (we have small children together).  I know that I would not be handling this so calmly and rationally without her help.  Working with Melissa has been nothing short of a life-changing experience.

    I cannot recommend Melissa enough.  She has truly been an enormous blessing to me.  If you are dealing with a toxic person in your life, you owe it to yourself to contact Melissa. 



    - B.P., M.S.
  • I approached Melissa because she has a tendency to give the world’s best advice. Melissa helped me by truly empathizing with my situation. I really feel like I’m being heard when I talk to her. The result was that I felt a wonderful sense of relief after speaking with her. One thing I liked was her ability to get to the heart of the problem and give me tangible action to take. I found the experience to be extremely satisfying. I would recommend Melissa to people who need help with taking action in order to live a happier, more productive, less stressful life!


    - J.G., B.S.
  • I approached Melissa because I really needed some help with handling day to day life as a stay at home mom. I needed tools to help me help my kids with issues that come up on a daily basis. I needed an ear to listen, who could offer support, ideas, and encouragement.

    Melissa helped me by focusing on the future, versus dwelling on the past. The main thing she helped me overcome is the constant mom guilt I often felt.

    The result was huge! I have felt a tremendous shift on how i handle problems, how i view myself as a parent, and on moving on from mistakes. She also helped me realize that it’s more than OK, it’s necessary, to care for myself and do things to help me feel fulfilled as a person, not just a mother.

    One thing I liked was Melissa’s positive encouragement. She always focuses on the positive, and how to move forward with new tools given any current situation.

    I found the experience to be motivating. I felt like I could say anything, and there was no judgment, only “ok, let’s try some tools to see if we can make this better.”

    I would recommend Melissa to people who need tools to manage difficult situations, who feel stuck and don’t know how to start making some real change in their lives. We all want to change things in our lives to some extent right? But it’s so hard do it alone. Melissa has been such an inspiration to me through her newsletter and her Facebook page as well. Anyone who wants tools that work could benefit from her coaching.

    - M.F., M.Ed.
  • Melissa has a positive energy that is inspiring. I have been fortunate enough to be able to have her as a support in my life and her kind, reaffirming words have helped me tremendously. Whether it’s building me up after an emotional fall or bringing a smile to my face when I feel lost, Melissa has a way of listening that goes beyond what most people I know are capable of. She is an amazing role model for women everywhere and her dedication to self-improvement I strive to echo in my daily life.

    - Michele G., BASW

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