3 Reasons Why You Should Be Car-Dancing



“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche


I absolutely LOVE to dance in the car.  Yes, I keep my hands on the wheel while driving. There’s a lot of rockin’ out your butt can do in the seat.  Let’s be real.  Also.  I save my best moves for when I’m stopped at red lights.  Better audience there, too.

Whether I’m listening to top 40 music or the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect or — fine, I’ll admit it — music that has to be somewhat censored so my children can listen, too (Nelly, whaat?!), car-dancing is one my favorite ways to keep my strong-woman groove strong.

Here’s why you should be car-dancing, too:

It keeps you in the moment.

When you’re grooving to Shakira’s latest song (which is insanely car-groovable, by the way), you’re not thinking about the fight you had with your boss, or the bill that needs to be paid, or any other damn thing really.  You’re shaking those hips in that car seat, and if you’re anything like me, you’re belting that song OUT.

You are IN. THE. MOMENT.  

Being in the moment has been proven to reduce stress and add fulfillment to life.  Bonus!

It’s fun.

I say have fun as much as freaking possible every minute of every day.  And dancing is FUN!  You know it is.  Even if you’re a shy dancefloor dancer, when you’re alone, you know you rock out when you’re by yourself.  Kitchen dancers – I see you.

It strengthens your joy muscle.

Both being in the moment AND doing something fun while you’re at it strengthen that joy muscle you’ve got going on.  And you do have it.  I promise.  It may need some workouts, but it’s there.  Car-dancing is an excellent way to get that muscle groovin’ again.  Music in and of itself is uplifting (the right kind, clearly), and when you add shaking what your Mama gave ya?  Boom.  Joy muscle workout.

Which song is your favorite to rock out to in the car?  Comment below.

Did this resonate with you?  Did you enjoy reading it?  Did you learn something?  If so, please share!  xoxo



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