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You’re peeling off the layers of unhappiness you feel day by day, and you’ve realized that you have to get out.

You know you’re ready to leave the toxic cycle you’re in.

It’s time to make peace with you are and learn to love yourself, so you’ll trust your instincts from now on.

If…You want to be free from toxic relationships for good.  

If…You want to heal your relationship with yourself.  

If …You’re ready to find the love you truly desire.

This is the course for you.

You’ll gain insights into patterns that cause toxic relationships in general.  

You’ll understand why you or someone you love has been drawn to toxic relationships.  

And you’ll learn how shift all of the toxic patterns so you can finally experience the love you want.

Over the course of three modules you’ll gain tools – with specific action steps – to help you free and heal yourself from the pattern of toxic relationships, and finally get the love you deserve.

Hi, there.  I’m Melissa Harrison.

I’ve been in toxic relationships.  They’re brutal.  And we all deserve better.

I found the strength to get myself the hell out and to heal from them so I wouldn’t keep repeating the patterns that kept me stuck.

And I attracted the relationship I truly desired.

I want to share how to do it with you.

Here’s more about me, and here’s what others are saying about my work.



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⇒ Release and transform the pain of toxic relationship hell

⇒ Breakthrough the toxic relationship pattern

⇒ Breakthrough old beliefs, thoughts, and habits of action

⇒  Create new, powerful, habits of thought / beliefs

⇒ Create new, empowering habits of action

⇒ Begin creating your new, transformed life

⇒ Be ready to attract the love you desire.


»»» Insights into patterns that cause toxic relationships in general.

»»» An understanding of why you’ve been drawn to toxic relationships.

»»» Tools / specific action steps to help you free and heal yourself from toxic relationships.

The Inspiration Specialist’s Guide to Love After Toxic Relationships will teach you to HEAL, MOVE FORWARD, and SET THE STAGE for receiving the love you desire.

In Module One, you will HEAL from the toxic relationship pattern with the following lessons:

What truly lies Underneath It All

How to Stop The Blame Game

Strengthen Your Expectations of Change

How to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

How to Recognize the Addiction

Why Suffering Is An Addiction, Too

How to Handle Withdrawals

The Importance of Being on the Fence

The Truth About Forgiveness

The Importance of Wishing Them Well

In Module Two, you will MOVE FORWARD from the toxic pattern with these lessons:

Why you need to Accept the Mistakes

How Learning from Experience is essential

Who You Can Truly Save

How to Say Goodbye to Negative Habits

How to Say Goodbye to Negative Beliefs

How to Slow it Down

Gaining the Best Perspective

How to Define Fear

The difference between Fear and Intuition

Dancing With Fear

In Module Three, you will SET THE STAGE for attracting the love you desire with the lessons:

Keep Dancing

Make Trauma Your B*tch

Holding Yourself Accountable

Setting the Boundaries

Nixing the Negative Nellies

Calling Yourself Out

Focusing Where It’s Important

Your Personal Position Statement

Your Personal Mission Statement

Then, you will write THE CHAMPION LETTER.



You’ll be given access to my online course platform that contains all of the curriculum.

You’ll be able to move through the curriculum at your own pace.  This will give you time to truly implement the changes you’ll be making.

Access to the course is yours forever so you can come back and do the course again, or just some lessons, any time you feel the need.



“I was very … surprised that there are several recurrent themes that I was not aware of. (However, now I can work on them, whereas before I couldn’t because I wasn’t acknowledging them. So that’s good!). I am forever grateful to you and the work you do.

“Wow Melissa this is really deep work just on Day 1! Very enlightening – looking forward to more action steps in the coming days.”

“This is an amazingly powerful tool.”

“I’m inspired by your ability and talent to take a rock bottom moment and transform it into a beautiful path of healing for yourself and THEN for others.”

“This definitely opens my eyes to things that have happened in my own marriage. Things I never even thought about.”

“Awesome assignment.”

“This is GOLD. Never saw it as the Empath/Narcissist combo.”

“Thank you! Now I can officially detox.”

“Your program completely changed my life.”


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I can’t wait to work with you.


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