30 Day Toxic Relationship Detox Bootcamp Program Online Course

You want to be free from toxic relationships for good.  You want to heal your relationship with yourself. You want to help a friend or loved one heal from a toxic relationship.

This is the course for you.

You’ll gain insights into patterns that cause toxic relationships in general.  You’ll understand why you or someone you love has been drawn to toxic relationships.  And you’ll learn how shift all of the toxic patterns so you can live every part of your life on your terms – and not out of fear.

Over the course of 30 lessons, you’ll gain tools – with specific action steps – to help you free and heal yourself from toxic relationships.  

There are three investment options.

Choose the one that best suits your immediate needs. You will be given access to the course as soon as the first payment is made.

One Installment – $97

Two Installments Payment Plan – $50 per monthly installment

Three Installments Payment Plan – $35 per monthly installment

Congratulations on taking this step!  You are worth it.