30 Day Toxic Relationship Detox Bootcamp

Are you ready to be done with that toxic/abusive relationship?

Ready to feel free again?

This program is for you.


I’ve been in toxic relationships.  They’re brutal.  And we all deserve better.  I found the strength to get myself the hell out and to heal from them so I wouldn’t keep repeating the patterns that kept me stuck.  I want to share how to do it with you.  Here’s more about me, and here’s what others are saying about my work.

Join the 30 Day Toxic Relationship Detox Bootcamp.

What you’ll get:

You’ll gain insights into patterns that cause toxic relationships in general.

You’ll understand why you’ve been drawn to toxic relationships.

You’ll gain tools – with specific action steps – to help you free and heal yourself from toxic relationships.

How you’ll get it:

Access to a secret Facebook group in which all lessons will be delivered.*

Lessons will be delivered once per day for 30 days.

Lifetime access to the secret Facebook group so you can return and re-do the lessons any time.



To Join:


Next bootcamp starts January 1, 2016.


* Your safety is of utmost importance to me.  This program is delivered in a secret Facebook group so that it is untraceable.  Secret Facebook groups cannot be searched, no one but members can see who the members are, and only members can see posts.