55 Reasons Why You Need to Escape Toxic Relationship Patterns

“Sometimes you get the best light from burning a bridge.” Don Henley

There are so many benefits to breaking free from toxic relationships and the toxic relationship pattern. Whether these benefits are the cause or a result of breaking toxic relationship patterns is debatable.  

I like to think it all goes hand-in-hand, and creates an amazing empowerment cycle.

toxic relationships

Here are 55 reasons you need to escape toxic relationships and the toxic relationship pattern:

1. Your physical health depends on it.

2. Your emotional health depends on it.

3. You will be in control of your intentions.

4. You will allow intuition to guide you.

5. You won’t allow fear to guide your decision making.

6. You’ll have better focus.

7. You’ll have more determination.

8. You’ll have more energy.

9. You’ll use your energy more wisely.

10. You’ll refuse to let toxic people control you.

11. Your actions will be aligned with what you truly want.

12. You’ll stop feeling guilty.

13. You’ll stop feeling ashamed.

14. You’ll stop doubting yourself.

15. You’ll respect yourself.

16. You’ll respect your own boundaries.

17. You’ll respect others’ boundaries and recognize they have nothing to do with you.

18. You’ll trust yourself.

19. You’ll love yourself.

20. You’ll own your worth.

21. You won’t allow anyone to make you feel unworthy.

22. You’ll be more in tune with your real desires.

23. You’ll go after what you want.

24. You’ll stop trying to revive what’s over and should stay over.

25. You’ll feel other toxic people coming (so you can avoid them).

26. You’ll deflect other toxic people like a boss.

27. You’ll feel confident when you take action.

28. Your perspective on life will shift for the better.

29. You’ll stop being a people-pleaser.

30. You’ll stop thinking you have to read people’s minds.

31. You’ll stop placing your worth in someone else’s hands.

32. Your life-view will become more expansive.

33. You’ll stop feeling like a cornered animal.

34. Forgiveness will come easily.

35. You’ll understand that hurting people hurt people.

36. You’ll stop judging yourself.

37. You’ll practice excellent discernment with respect to what’s best for your life path.

38. You’ll be able to slow down.

39. You’ll be more in the moment.

40. You won’t fall for the Knight in Shining Armor.

41. You’ll practice true self-care.

42. You’ll surround yourself with like-minded people who lift you up.

43. You’ll lift others up.

44. You’ll inspire others to release toxic patterns.

45. You’ll set strong boundaries with yourself.

46. You’ll set strong boundaries with others.

47. You’ll honor all the boundaries you set.

48. You’ll recognize that frustration points to an area you can grow in.

49. You’ll recognize limiting beliefs.

50. You’ll be able to address those limiting beliefs and move past them.

51. You’ll stand in your truth and not care who doesn’t like it.

52. You’ll laugh more.

53. You’ll play more.

54. You’ll love life more.

55. You’ll realize it was a lesson and you fucking owned it.

Escaping from toxic relationships is just the first part of the journey.  

Saying goodbye to people who aren’t good for you will only work if you take the steps to change where you aren’t good for yourself.  

Your external relationships will always reflect your internal relationship.

Fix your relationship with yourself first, and everything else will fall into place.

Love and light,



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