About Melissa

Hi, there!  I’m Melissa Harrison.  The Inspiration Specialist. I’m a mindset and personal transformation coach.

It’s my mission to help smart, independent women get unstuck and stop letting the toxic relationship they have with themselves and their toxic thought patterns run their lives.

I guide my clients to living the most meaningful and empowered versions of their lives possible.

A little background history for you.

I’m Mom to three precocious children, ages 18, 13, and 7.  I’ve survived and successfully navigated divorcing a toxic husband and some of the trickiest parenting scenarios (including learning disabilities, deciding to unschool one of my children, and raising a transgender child).  

I’ve gone from living in my own personal hell to creating a life I thoroughly adore experiencing. And it just keeps getting better.

I use the same principles I used to be successful and get what I truly want with my clients, and their transformations are insanely powerful.

I love to dance, sing super crazy loud (alone in the car only because people I love can hear), bake cookies, run half-marathons, lift weights, and laugh with my kids.

I know what it’s like to question my own strength … and then to show myself how strong I really am. I’m passionate about helping others recognize their own amazing power.

If you want to stop experiencing toxic relationships, toxic situations, toxic thought patterns,

you have to heal the relationship closest to you:  the one you have with yourself.

You’re ready to create your most fabulous life, yes? Work with me now!


Melissa holds a B.A. in English and Sociology, an M.S. in Psychology with a specialty in Leadership Development and Coaching, and an M.S. in Marketing.  Melissa has also been a paralegal and a public school educator.  She has worked at one of the top New Hampshire law firms, and was on the Board of Trustees at an innovative charter school in Massachusetts.  In addition to her coaching, she also works as a Behavior Interventionist.  Melissa has been published on several well-known websites, including Elephant Journal and Positively Positive, is a contributor to The Huffington Post, is a columnist for The Good Men Project, and was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible.