Exclusive Soul Retreat: Miami

Does this sound familiar?

  • Read about how happy everyone else is on Facebook
  • Try to be happy for them but can’t manage the heart reaction so you throw out a nice thumbs up while gritting your teeth
  • Force yourself to imitate what you see working for them
  • Sit down with your Starbucks and start journaling out gratitude cuz they swear this “works”
  • Stop after 2 minutes wondering where your happy is
  • Read a dozen blog posts that claim to solve your problem but don’t really tell you anything
  • Contemplate giving up and moving to a deserted island away from everybody you know
  • Decide giving up probably won’t work and they’ll find you on that island anyway (you know with a drone or something)
  • Start googling again to find new solutions to your misery
  • Ugly cry cause none of this shit is working.
  • Scroll aimlessly through Facebook to torment yourself again.  Wonder WTF is wrong with you
  • Watch everyone else living and traveling and smiling while you cry into your coffee again
  • Try one more time to be “positive” and feel better by getting up and going for a run and drinking some green juice

6 months later you’re still stuck.

  • Buy a bag of candy and a bottle of wine
  • That’s it, it’s over…
  • You officially believe you weren’t meant to be happy
  • Life sucks. Find every reason to complain
  • Take it out on your husband, kids, friends, and family
  • Stay on the couch watching Netflix in your yoga pants while you sip your wine and stuff your face with chocolate and cry for the 40th time at the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.



Come to Miami instead and learn fundamental tools to breakthrough

JOIN US AT NOBU/EDEN ROC MIAMI!   October 14 & 15, 2017

Transform your limitations and create a new, empowering way to operate in the world.

Transforming your limitations and creating a new way to operate in the world will create a powerful ripple effect in the lives of your family, children, husband, and loved ones.

Taking care of you is taking care of everyone you love, too.  

Join us for this experience.

Amy Fiedler

What people are saying:

“I am blessed to have worked with Amy individually and in a group setting. As a coach, Amy helps you to shift quickly and easily. She empowers and teaches you to take ownership of your healing. She hands you the tools to help you grow into the person you are meant to be. As a result of my coaching with Amy, I am stronger, I am more centered, my relationships have improved. I am in a higher state of being at all times. Amy didn’t DO that for me. She taught me how to do it for myself. THAT is what you experience with Amy–your own ability to connect with your higher source, your highest self and stay connected.” M.C.

More about Amy

Melissa Harrison

What people are saying:

“I was referred to Melissa through a friend. And a little back story… I consider myself a strong, bright, independent woman. Not really the damsel in distress type, or the type to gravitate toward drama and bring it into my life. I am getting my doctorate, I come from a loving family, and I have a variety of interests and many things I feel like I am good at. Nevertheless, I was in a negative place and I didn’t really understand how I got there. I spent a long time in a toxic relationship and I always felt that I must have brought this on myself. My self-esteem had reached a real low at this point. Melissa really helped me find myself again. After a number of things in my life brought me to a place that just was not right and was not where I wanted to be, Melissa helped me re-connect with who I really am. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for finding her and how she opened my mind to things that have changed me and my way of thinking to the very core. I now have a truly beautiful life that just keeps getting better. I look forward to waking up every day and after dealing with years of anxiety including social anxiety and bouts of depression, I feel like I am free from negative thoughts and negative beliefs. Melissa has a way about her that is warm, and inspiring. She brings you back to the positive person who you are and opens up your life in ways you never understood or imagined. Melissa puts things into perspective in a way that I have never had a therapist do. I now have a budding dating experience with a man who seems to be everything I have dreamed of. I am getting along with others so well, and my friendships are deepening.  Positive things happen to me on a daily basis and it seems like “everything is always working out for me.” Any woman or even man who feels like they just can’t get their life together or have fallen into a slump should talk to Melissa. Especially women who have dealt with an abusive partner. It will change your life and give you your freedom back!” – E.L.

More about Melissa

Amy Fiedler, Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach and Melissa Harrison, Mindset and Personal Transformation Coach are hosting an exclusive soul retreat in Miami at the Nobu Eden Roc Resort!

***We are limiting this retreat to 12 participants to ensure maximum soul benefit.***



This weekend is going to be nourishing, fun and empowering. All you have to do is show up!

We joke a lot, love to laugh and will make fun of each other the entire weekend. Laughter = alignment

You will leave us feeling like a brand new you, and if that’s not worth an incredible weekend in Miami, we don’t know what is!

At our Exclusive Soul Retreat we are going to move you from stuck to unstuck by fast tracking our 1:1 coaching processes in this intensive weekend for you!

You will feel:

– happier

– lighter

– confident

– clear on what you want, need, and desire

– empowered

– inspired

– excited for what’s unfolding!

You will also (and most importantly):

  • remove your limiting beliefs in the area of life you feel the most stuck
  • transform your story and receive help implementing it into your life so when you get home you’re not figuring this out on your own
  • learn spiritual and practical tools to pinpoint fears, blocks and limits in the future on your own so you never get stuck or confused again
  • leave this soul-filled weekend having broken through your biggest blocks in your life/business/relationships.
  • create a new story for your life and will now have the tools to implement it.

Are you ready to break free?

You are the only one standing in your way.

We have created this Exclusive Soul Retreat for women who are feeling tormented, confused, stuck, blocked and uncertain on what they need to do to feel better, move forward and live the life of their dreams!

Mothers, daughters, girlfriends, sisters…we want you.

This weekend in June is about finding sisterhood, connecting with your soul and breaking through.

We’ll teach you what is specifically blocking you and help you rewrite your story and implement it in the simplest way possible!

Using her secret sauce, Amy will work her magic and help you uncover, heal, and transform the wounds holding you back, and Melissa will work her intuitive mojo to guide you to create your vision going forward and how to implement it.

You will have clarity around what is blocking you from breaking through and moving forward in the areas you most desire to move forward in.  You’ll learn foundational tools to understanding how to do this yourself spiritually without needing a coach present.  

Focusing on you helps everyone in your life.

You will leave with a personalized, unique vision to begin creating your world more deliberately and tools that suit your specific needs to implement it.  You will have a new, empowered story and practical tools to work through any negative/limiting beliefs on your own.






Boundary setting / honoring

(Check out our individual websites for more specifics!)


FLEXIBLE schedule:

*Subject to change (Amy and Melissa work purely intuitively and let spirit guide the weekend for your maximum benefit)

DAY 1 – SATURDAY 10/14/17

Beginning at 10 am

Morning Routine (group gathers for prayer / meditation + journaling)

Reflection + free time + lunch on your own

Reiki chakra and and aura cleansing

Afternoon group sessions

One on one sessions (30 min a piece)

Continued development of new life plan

Free time (Enjoy the resort amenities!)

Q + A about new plan development + additional soul time with Amy and Melissa

Activity (TBD)

DAY 2 – SUNDAY 10/15/17

Beginning at 8am

Morning Routine (same as Day 1)

Finalize unique, personalized plans

Reflection time (prepare any final questions)

Group sessions

Celebration brunch

Retreat ends at 4pm


Two (2) journals

Preferred writing instrument

Recommended money for on-site spa/wellness services

Money for food/nourishment (less one meal)

Casual attire


Beach friendly clothing

Comfortable chic



Click here to read about Nobu Eden Roc amenities.

Resort hotel with boutique lifestyle ambiance.

Innovative culinary experiences at Nobu Restaurant, Malibu Farm and Bar Nobu.

Three swimming pools, two jacuzzis and expansive beach with full service and one exclusive Nobu pool.

Renovated Spa,  featuring Espa with over 18 treatment rooms and hair and nail salon and retail boutique.

Fully-equipped, 24-hour fitness center.

Daily exercise classes.

Sunday brunch.

On-site water activities rentals including: Jet-skiing ($170, one hour rental for two adults); sailing; waterskiing; kayaks & paddleboards ($40 each, per hour); scuba diving; surfing; and paddle boarding.

24-hour in-room dining.

24-hour Concierge.

Starbucks in prime lobby location.

Close proximity to Miami International Airport.


This type of intensive coaching would typically require a 3 month commitment of 1:1 coaching and would require an investment of at least $3,500+.  Instead, we’ve fast-tracked it for you into an intensive weekend retreat.

The retreat investment is $997.

This investment includes coaching fees, new story/plan you will leave with,

hotel room for October 14th, and resort fees.

(The only things you will need to provide are your transportation and meals.)

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

Please note:  Your payment means you have read the above-linked Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy pages, and you expressly agree to the contents therein.

Exclusive Soul Retreat: Miami  $997

Exclusive Soul Retreat: Miami — Five Installment Plan ($199.70 per installment)

Exclusive Soul Retreat: Miami — Ten Installment Plan ($99.70 per installment)

A payment plan must be selected and started no later than May 31, 2017.

Pay in Full is available until 10/7/17.

We look forward to serving you!

With love,

Amy and Melissa

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