How Abandonment Creates Room For Something Better


Someone I love is leaving.  He has an amazing opportunity that he would be a fool not to take.  I am truly ecstatic for him – he deserves this.

But it’s hit me hard that he won’t be close any longer.

And as I sat in his driveway and cried, the thought that immediately popped into my head was “he’s leaving…he’s leaving me… again.”  But I had the presence of mind to question that thought.  It happens more and more that I question my thoughts, now that I am aware I can direct them.

When my Dad died, I felt like he left me.  I wasn’t ready for him to go.  And since my Dad died, I have felt like every other significant love has left me.  Abandoned me.

But it hasn’t been that.

I’ve chosen to leave each situation, in whatever shape or form.  I’ve chosen ME over situations that either weren’t good for me, or that I had outgrown.

That’s the best thing I could have done.

Each time I’ve left, I’ve created space for something new to come into my life.  I’ve done all the choosing.  So I have no reason to fear abandonment.

Even when my Dad died, it created the space for us to experience our relationship in a different way.  I still feel his spirit with me, albeit in a nonphysical way.

There is no abandonment.

There’s only a choice as to how you view the experience.

Love and light,


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