How I Gained Freedom From A Mountain Coaster

I took my kids on vacation this summer.  We traveled to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and went to several amusement park-type venues.  I’ll be honest – I think I may have had more fun than they did.

At one location, there was a mountain coaster.  It’s a cart on stainless steel tracks.  The rider controls the cart completely.  You get to go as fast – or as slowly – as you want to go.

This coaster was the perfect metaphor for my life.

When I first started down the hill, I had the brakes fully on.  I know because I tested them and did that almost-got-a-concussion-head-jerk thing.  I was riddled with fear.  How fast can I really go?  What if I fall off the track?  I loosened up on the brakes only a bit because I realized the riders behind me were going to get backed up if I stayed going at a snail’s pace.

It wasn’t so bad…going slightly faster than a snail. It was kind of nice, actually.

Then I eased up a bit more, and it was…FUN.  Imagine that.  FUN!

So I eased up even more.  I started to go – fast.  And I felt exhilarated. EXHILARATED!  I was laughing, screeching, and woo-hooing the whole way down, my hair blowing back, head thrown back in excitement.  Then I remembered to open my eyes and enjoy the view on the way down.

It occurred to me that when I loosen up on the brakes in my life, when I allow more in, it’s an amazingly exhilarating ride.

The Oldest and me, heading up the hill.

The Oldest and me, heading up the hill.

Love and light,


What have you done to let go of fear and start feeling your true freedom?

Did this resonate with you?  Will it resonate with someone you know?  Share the knowledge!



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