How Limiting Beliefs are Like a School Bully (and how to shut them up)

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A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. — Abraham Hicks.

When I was in junior high, there were several girls who made it clear they just didn’t like me.  At all.  After art class every day, they’d wait in the hall and taunt, tease, and threaten me the entire walk from art to English.  At first, I asked them to stop.  That didn’t work.  Then I kept quiet.  For what seemed to take forever and a day from the art room to the English classroom, I kept my mouth shut, praying the lack of attention to their behavior would cause them to lose interest.  That didn’t work either.

One day, I’d had enough.

After art class was over, I gathered my books and took a deep breath.  As I opened the door into the hallway that led from the art room to the main hallway, there she was.  The nastiest of the bullies.  I remained unnerved, because truly, I was done with this shit.  She saw me, and started to get in my face.  When her screaming mouth was inches from my nose, I threw my books down — hard.  I yelled back at her: “You want to go right now?  Let’s do it.  Right here.”

She was visibly startled.  She backed up a couple of steps.  “Well… uh… we can’t,” she stuttered. “Not here.”

I felt empowered by her sudden lack of composure and I replied, “Not here?  Then not ever.  LEAVE. ME. ALONE.”

And she did.  For the rest of the school year.

Limiting beliefs are much the same.  They are beliefs you hold that keep you from becoming what you truly want to be.  For example: I’m not worthy of (insert what you think you aren’t worthy of);I’m not smart enough; I’m not skilled enough; I can’t (insert anything and everything you tell yourself you can’t do).  They are scary, they are persistent, and they are fucking bullies.

Bullies will back down once you stand up to them.

How do you stand up them?  You face them.  You figure out what your limiting beliefs are, and you tell them today’s the day you’ve had enough.  You throw down those books and stand firm.

You determine when the limiting beliefs pop up for you.  In what situations?  Then, much like telling the school bully to leave you alone, you figure out what you’ve done in spite of the limiting beliefs… in spite of the fear… that has kept you from resolving something, or taking action you truly want to take.


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It may not happen instantly, but the work has begun.

Since a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, then by engaging your limiting beliefs this way, you will eventually shift them to empowering beliefs.

You can do it.  Stand up to the bullies in your head.  Tell them:  NO. MORE.

Love and light,


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