How Mindset is a Matter of Life and Death

A lot what I teach about mindset is to help people change their lifestyle, enjoy their daily lives more, and become whatever it is they want to become.

And while those are really important reasons to shift your mindset, there’s an even more important reason and time to do it — and it’s a life and death scenario.

When my mother was 21 years old, she had this friend, Andy.  Andy had a motorcycle, and my mother would ride with him.  One April evening, they headed out.

As they were cruising along, unbeknownst to them, two other cars, with drunk drivers, were headed their way.

They were also drag racing.

As my Mom and Andy came upon them, the accident couldn’t be avoided.

One of the cars hit them head on.

My mother’s helmet hit Andy’s helmet at 50 mph, the car hit her knee square on, snapping her femur in two, and breaking her hip, and she was thrown at least 50 feet from the motorcycle.  Clearly, she passed out.  When she came to, the ambulances were there.  She saw the position her leg was in and knew it wasn’t good.

Andy was also in really bad shape.

As my Mom tells it, she had lost so much blood, her lips were completely dry, she was insanely thirsty, and was so, so tired.  All she wanted to do was close her eyes and sleep.  The EMT told her to stay with him – to stay awake.  Mom knew if she went to sleep, that was it – she would die.  

So she used a powerful mindset tool.

She began asking the EMT about everything in the ambulance.  What’s that for?  What does that do?  When do you use that?  

She shifted her attention, which is the crux of mindset work.

While she was still in the ER, awaiting surgery, a priest came in to give her last rites.

She (I think politely) told him to get out — she wasn’t going anywhere.

Three months in the hospital, six months in a full leg cast, and a hip replacement several years later would follow.  

But she shifted her mindset when it was critical – and she lived.

And really, shifting your mindset in any area is a life or death proposition.  Because what you give your attention to is what you will experience.  You can create a life you want to be living my shifting your mindset, or you can spend the rest of the time you are “alive” in your body being miserable and dying a thousand deaths.  

And it’s a choice.

My mother made the choice to live.

You can make the choice, too.

With love,



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