How Overreacting Makes You a Better Person


“One of the reasons why so few of us ever act, instead of react, is because we are continually stifling our deepest impulses.”  – Henry Miller

Let’s define overreacting, shall we?

Overreacting is usually someone else’s opinion of your response to a situation.  Overreacting is what is seen through someone else’s eyes.  It’s someone else’s reaction to your reaction.

Interesting, right?

So why does overreacting get such a bad rap?  I don’t think it should.  In fact, I think it makes you a better person.

Your action could be the exact same when you react, respond, or “overreact,” but the important thing is the energy behind it.

I took action years ago to try to change someone’s behavior.  Someone who could have potentially affected my child in an extremely negative way.  .

I took action last week to make a statement that my child will not be treated a certain way.  Same message, same action, different intention.  I realize now that my behavior is the only thing I have control over.  So with my behavior, I let others know what I will and will not stand for.  They don’t have to change.  But I don’t have to take it, either.

When we react (respond in an instant) to something, it’s a primal response.  It’s an urge.  It just comes out of us.

When we respond, we’ve supposedly taken the time to think about how we want to handle something.  But that can happen in just a few seconds.  In those few seconds, you can re-center yourself — and you can remind yourself how you want to engage with someone or with a situation.

If I feel something needs to be handled, I cannot wait a day or two.  I want to deal with it NOW.  That can seem like a reaction rather than a response, but the important thing is the intention behind the action.  How do I intend to deal with the situation?

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It’s about not taking shit.  And most importantly, it’s about your intention behind your action.

It is absolutely a shift in your mindset from wanting to change someone else’s behavior, to focusing on what YOU can do to make something different.

It’s all about intention.

Why you do what you do.

Reacting and responding have nothing to do with how long you wait (or don’t wait) to take action.  They are different only because of the intention behind the action.  Check in with yourself regularly so you know what you intend to create or resolve.  Then, you can respond to something in a split second and it will be in line with what you truly want to be, do, or have.

So go ahead and “overreact.”  Be so in line with what you value and with your truth — the best version of you —  that you take massive action toward the outcome you desire, and you can do it in a split second.

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Did this resonate with you?  Did you enjoy reading it?  Did you learn something?  

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When has someone accused you of overreacting, but you knew you were in line with your values and you got the outcome you desired?  Leave a comment below!

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