How These Highly Influential Men Are Aligned with Their Divine Feminine (and why you need to be, too)

Divine Feminine energy has been coming up a lot lately for me, and for my clients.  Well, the lack of allowing it to be expressed through us, I should say.

I have always been an action-oriented person, which is masculine in nature.  If things aren’t going the way I want them to, I tend to force rather than flow.  I try to control the situation, rather than allow.  

And when I do those things?  

I never get the result I want.

See here’s the thing.  Masculine energy is great.  We need it.  But we also need a balance.  That’s where the Divine Feminine comes in.

As Teal Swan points out, allowing the flow of feminine energy means we are coming into alignment with the true essence of who we really are.

When we resort to masculine only energy, we are acting from a place of scarcity, lack, and fear.

Those are restrictive emotions – restrictive impulses will follow.  And from restrictive impulses we only create more problems in our life, with a much narrower focus, rather than solutions and an expansive view.

It’s so important for you to let the feminine flow that I’ve highlighted two very successful men who do allow their feminine energy to flow and are wildly successful because of it, and because of the balance of masculine and feminine energies they express.

Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins is a world-renowned performance coach (among other things, like best-selling author and motivational speaker).  His presence is very masculine, but it is tempered with just enough Divine Feminine energy that the balance is perfection.

He expresses his Divine Feminine Energy in these ways:


There’s a Netflix documentary entitled “I Am Not Your Guru” that chronicles a Date with Destiny event Tony runs.  At one point during the event, Tony is speaking with a woman who was sexually abused as a child.  He listens intently to her story, standing right in front of her in a room of over 2,500 people, looking her right in the eye.  He demonstrates that he cares about what she’s telling him.  His eyes fill with tears as he empathizes with her situation.  He hugs her.  For a long time.  He honors her pain, her spiritual pain, and he shows her the light she has.   

He shows her love while holding her accountable for what she can now create in her life.  That’s true compassion.


Another instance of Tony’s Divine Feminine energy being expressed happens with a young man during the documentary.   (Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a solid and watch it).

The young man shares that he was suicidal, and that he goes so deep he doesn’t see a way out.  

“There’s time” Tony tells him. He explains in a soft-spoken way that he needs to be more loving to himself, and that he KNOWS he has so much to give and he knows people.  He also uses humor to break the tension, and then come back with the serious nature of the young man’s mental state.

Because nurturing isn’t just about hugs and kisses and easy conversations. It’s about being real and showing people the beauty you see in them.  

Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern is the founder of Social Triggers.  He’s internet famous.  He is the marketing psychology guy who helps people spread their message, get more customers, and change the world.  And he’s hilarious.  Derek’s presence is not quite as masculine as Tony Robbins’ is, but if you watch his YouTube videos, you’ll pick up on the masculine energy air.  

He is clearly aligned with his Divine Feminine energy, too, though, and that’s part of what makes him so successful at what he does.


I follow Derek’s personal Facebook profile.  Almost every day, he posts about his experience that day at his local coffee shop.  There’s always some wacky person invading his space, or using his power cord, or, like today’s post, leaving their banana peel on his table.  Who does that?!

These “so I was at the coffee shop” Facebook posts always garner a gajillion likes, laughter reactions, and comments.  Not only does Derek write with a compelling, authentic style and use a topic that most of his followers and friends can relate to, he engages with some of the people commenting, and people engage with each other in the threads.  

Connection isn’t just about the vibes between you and another person — it’s also about the ways in which you create for others to connect with each other.  


This guy is serious about creation.  Check his stats:  he built a celebrity gossip blog from scratch to almost 70 million hits.  He then built a fashion / makeup blog to more than a million hits.  After that he built up the DIYthemes blog from scratch to tens of thousands of subscribers.  And now?  He created and runs Social Triggers, which he built from scratch in March 2011 that now has well over 100,000 subscribers.  

Creativity truly flows when you stretch your abilities, and expand into subjects that you wouldn’t normally dive into.  The experience you gain from all the perspectives is invaluable.

When I know I need to allow more of the divine feminine to rule, I shift my focus.

I flow.  I allow.  I meditate.  I get off the damn subject for a bit.  I forgive myself for being so damn hard on myself.  I take a bath.  I dance.  I write.  I help someone else.  I envision what I want to happen and I get myself into the feeling place of it.   Those are some ways I come back into alignment with my authentic nature, and it allows me access to thoughts, ideas, solutions that I simply don’t have access to when I’m trying to force the issue.

I love Teal’s exercise to help identify which aspects of feminine energy you are resisting.  And it works just as well for men as it does for women. She suggests examining aspects of Divine Feminine energy (restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, connection) and feeling for any resistance you might have related to them.  

What pops up for you?  Fear?  Disgust?  Jealousy?  Frustration?  

Why is that?  

And I’ll add:  what is one way you can identify with that aspect of Divine Feminine energy and how can you express it comfortably, being authentic to who you are?

Give it a shot, and try to implement the flow in your every day experience.

With love,




I want to hear from you!

Who is another highly influential man you know who is clearly aligned with an aspect of his Divine Feminine energy?

It doesn’t have to be someone who is famous or internet-famous.  

Maybe it’s your husband?  Best friend?  Brother?

Leave me a comment and let me know who it is and how they express their Divine Feminine energy.  How does that make you feel?