How to Create a Fabulous Life By Applying One Marketing Principle

position statement

Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses… on your powers, instead of your problems.  

Paul J. Meyer

For many years, I thought I was goal-oriented.  

I thought I was working to create a life I would love to freaking live.  

In reality, I had no clear end goal in sight. I had lots of mini-goalettes, if you will.  But I had no idea what I was really working toward.  

I certainly didn’t focus on my strengths.  

Instead, when I had a bad day, or got a result I didn’t like, I’d perseverate on my weaknesses.  That, of course, just kept my weaknesses at the forefront and did nothing to bolster the many strengths I did have.  

It also didn’t help me get closer to living a life I created on purpose, and that I enjoyed the hell out of living.

Many of us go through this.  We amble around, thinking we’re working toward some bigger purpose, but we aren’t really clear on what that purpose is.  

So how can you get around this?

Write yourself a personal position statement.

A position statement is what marketers use to position their product or service.  They are staking a claim in the market.  It lets its audience know where it stands, what it offers, what to expect.

According to, in marketing, “positioning” is the process that produces the product’s image and places it in the consumer’s mind. Positioning is the main process behind how consumers (the audience) become aware of a brand and its reputation.

Who’s the audience for this one?  You.  This is about making sure you are focused on the position you are staking claim to in the world, what you offer, and what you know others can expect from you.

This will serve the purpose of helping you get clear on your position in life, and how to move forward with a kick-ass guiding principle for every decision you make.  

Want to be crystal freaking clear and make decisions with ease?  Thought so.

Do this:

1  Write your personal position statement.

This statement is meant to create a spark within you every time you read it.  It is meant to remind you of how strong you are and the gifts you have to offer others.

Here’s a sample to use:  

I, of all people, deliver/give/am (name your strengths and what makes you uniquely you), because I am (name descriptors that empower you).

Here’s a concrete example:

I, of all people, give immense value, love, and guidance because I am a natural teacher and guide.

2  Write your personal position statement down at least three times, to keep in different places.  Read it in the morning and at night.  Read it any chance you get.  Remind yourself often of your strong position.

Remember:  position statements can change.  And they should.  The benefits of writing a personal position statement is growth, becoming a better version of you, and creating a fabulous life.  When your personal position statement doesn’t feel aligned with you who you are anymore — doesn’t give you the “fuck yes!” feeling any longer — re-write it.

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I want to hear from you!  What is your personal mission statement?  Leave a comment below!

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