How to Know When It’s Fear Talking and Not Your Intuition


“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

Fear is old programming.  Intuition is moment by moment.

Fear is what you’ve been trained to feel.  Intuition is a gentle, in-the-moment nudge that says “probably not a good idea.”

If you allow it to, fear will cause you to make decisions that are not in line with your true best interests, and with what you really want for and in your life.

I have dealt with this many times in my own life.  You can find one story about how I allowed fear to take over HERE.

If you’ve been taught, or have been surrounded by the idea, that the world is a scary, dangerous place, especially in certain situations, you’ll likely have fear (old programming) pop up when you are faced with those circumstances.  I’m not talking about the times when your body is legitimately in a fight-or-flight response because your life is in danger (like being mugged, or almost getting into a car accident).  I’m talking about the worry that something bad *might* happen… if you park your car in a certain area; if you go to a certain store in a certain neighborhood; if you deal with specific person or type of people.

If you are getting bad vibes about something that you aren’t yet experiencing — if you are focused on some point in the future and you are worried about it — take stock of why you might be worried.

Is it old programming that’s coming up?

Does someone in your life constantly remind you to worry about that type of situation?

That could very well be the reason you are feeling that concern, and not because your gut is trying to tell you something.

Here are a couple of ways to help you distinguish between old-programming-fear and your intuition:

1.  Is what’s going through your head something that you’ve heard over and over from someone who tends to view life negatively, or in a fear-filled way?   Someone who feels like the world is out to get them?  If so, it’s fear speaking.

2.  Is there an overall feeling of calm and/or peace surrounding the thought?  Don’t focus on what the thought may then mean if you have to act on it.  Just hold the thought itself, not worrying about the next step.  If you feel calmness, it’s your intuition speaking to you.

When you are present in the moment, your gut will speak to you, if you allow it.  It’s essential, though, to get that old programming out of the way.  Listen to YOU.  Are YOU getting a sign that something undesirable will happen, or is it just old fear programming up?  If you practice trying to discern the difference enough, you’ll be able to feel the difference.

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When have you determined it was fear and not intuition driving you?  Leave a comment below!

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