How to Stop Being a Victim By Joining in the Sharing Economy

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“You made your own bed, and now curse others for putting you there.” – Wesley Chu, The Lives of Tao

You are not a victim.  If you allow victim mentality to take hold, you will never realize your true power.  You are able to direct your life in the most amazing of ways – you have all the influence you need.  What we see in the world exists in us.  If you feel that everyone is out to get you, who are you out to get?  If you feel as though institutions are failing you, who are you failing?   If we want to change our outer world, we must change our inner world first.

I recall a time when I was afraid that someone in my life would not stay true to his word.  At first I was angry, then scared, then indignant.  I felt victimized.  Then I recalled – what I experience in the world exists in me – it’s what I’m putting out.  So I thought about where in my life I wasn’t keeping my word.  And guess what?  I found it.  I had promised I would make something for someone and I hadn’t yet done it.  So I kept my word… and you know what?  That person in my life has kept his word ever since, as well.

When you want something or feel as though something in your life is missing, give away the essence of it.  This will create space in your life for what you want.

Often friends will come to me, seeking advice.  I greatly enjoy helping others, and I often share insights and help guide friends to find the answers that are best for them in the moment.  I know it’s because I do this that I have been able to find wonderful guides — teachers — to help me in life just when I need it.

If you want to experience more friendly people in your life, be a more friendly person.  If you want to experience more people trusting you, trust in others.  If you want more money flowing into your experience, spend money, or give it away.

Give and share without expectation.  You do not have to receive the kind behavior back from the exact person you were kind to.  It will show up in your experience in some way, most likely unexpected.  But you’ll realize it when it happens – if you pay attention.

Give or share what you have or wish to have.  You will not lose anything.  In fact, you will gain.  What you give out, you get back.


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