How to Stop Thinking There’s Some Mystery Around Your Manifesting Muscle (and why you need to start exercising it differently)


“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” – Stephen Richards

So there’s all this talk about manifesting.  As if “manifesting” is some mystical, magical action that only those who are enlightened can do.

Manifest more money!  Manifest your soulmate!  Manifest your true career in line with your life purpose!  How many of these headlines and titles have you read?  How many of those articles left you feeling like what the authors prescribed was something you either can’t do, or feel you won’t stick to?

Well, guess what?

You, me, everyone… we manifest every single day.  There’s no mystery behind it.

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When you manifest something, you’re just realizing something is there.

Hardly a superpower, and hardly out of reach.

You do, however, need to exercise your positive manifesting muscle (like any other muscle, it gets stronger with use) if you want to start perceiving things that you want, rather than what you usually perceive.

How do you do that?

Stop complaining, and start appreciating (gratitude journal, anyone?).

Start looking at the world through possibility lenses (strike the word “can’t” from your vocabulary).

Manifesting is all about focus.  And I know you can focus.  You do it every day.  What you choose to focus on does make a difference, though.  Energy flows where focus goes.  Be choosy.  Be downright picky about what you give your attention to.  That asshole who rubs you the wrong way?  Stop giving him power through your attention to him.  Instead, focus your attention on people whose behavior you enjoy.

HUGE NOTE here:  I am not saying to act as if what you don’t want doesn’t exist.

Recognize (engage) what you don’t want.

Shift your focus (evolve) toward what you do want.

Realize (enjoy) all the things that will start flowing to you that you DO WANT.

It will absolutely seem like magic after your positive manifesting muscle gets strong.  But I promise you — you have this magic within you now.  There’s nothing “out there” that’s out of your grasp.  There’s no mystery.  There’s no elite group that can manifest better than you can.

Own your power.  You are worthy of it.

Love and light,


What have you “manifested” positively around you?  What do you realize that makes you happy in your life?  Share with us in the comments below!

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