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You are meant to be the ultimate leader of your own life.

After this program, you will be.

This program is for you if:

You are looking for a breakthrough in some area of your life (career, relationships, spirituality, getting out of a rut).

You realize something is holding you back.  You know what it is but not how to overcome it.  Or you have no idea what the hell it is and need help identifying it.

You want to set goals, but don’t know how.  (Hint: You have to begin clearing limiting beliefs before you set goals.)

Why do you need this program?

Igniting your flame is the best way to enjoy each moment of your life’s journey.

Your Flame is the spark of your emotional body.  Your emotional body creates what you experience. If you have a strong emotional investment in something, you are more likely to see that play out in your life.

What you think about and focus on expands. No matter what it is. You must choose your focus, what you allow into your awareness, and how you direct it.  Limiting beliefs hold you back from doing this.

I can help you change those beliefs.

You have all the control. Use it wisely.

Ignite Your Flame will teach you how to do that. And do it well.


Element 1: Engage

You’ll identify and name what your current reality is.  You’ll identify and name your current limiting beliefs.  Yes, name them.  Give them their due.  Some circles describe this as shadow work — working on those parts of ourselves we hide from everyone, including ourselves.  It is time to bring the shadows into the light.  You’ll also tackle fear and doubt, the nasty little cousins to limiting beliefs.

Element 2: Evolve

This is where you’ll begin to transform what’s held you back into what will skyrocket you forward.

When we bring the shadows into the light, we are able to transform the darkness they seem to hold into the light.  Remember:  for every seed of darkness there is a seed of light, just like for every seed of light there is a seed of darkness.  There is no need to separate them.  Integration is key, and is part of evolving.

Element 3: Enjoy

Element 3 is all about applying the shift in your thinking to other areas of your life.


Each week a link to the next Element will be delivered to you via email.  Each link will contain the curriculum and a video highlighting how best to make the curriculum work for you.  You will be able to download the curriculum as a PDF document.


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