The Inspiration Specialist’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety


If you’ve … 

Suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for what seems like your whole life.

Been to therapists. Been to psychiatrists.

Been prescribed anti-anxiety medications or anti-depressants.

Been told to exercise and meditate.

Probably even self-medicated, if we’re being really honest here.

I understand.

I’ve been there, too.

You know what’s wrong with all of those scenarios?

Each one is trying to get you to STOP FEELING the anxiety.

None of them HONOR YOU.

It’s time to honor you.

Let me tell you something, my darling friend.  What we resist, persists.

The more you try to get rid of that anxiety (which is really a message designed to HELP you), the more you are going to experience it.

So until you let it in, get comfortable with the uncomfortableness of it (which will go away), you’re going to be on this hamster wheel of pseudo-wellness.

I’ll be straight up with you:  you will never rid yourself of anxiety.

And you wouldn’t want to!

It’s your soul speaking to you through your body.

It’s simply a call to awareness and it’s time for you to heed it.

It does NOT mean something bad is going to happen.

It’s like a guidepost telling you, hey – go this way instead.

It’s a magnificent thing, and I’m so excited to teach you all about it in my course:

The Inspiration Specialist’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety.

In this course you will:

⇒  Learn how to DRAW OUT THE MESSAGE OF ANXIETY in module one.

⇒  Learn how to NAVIGATE ANXIETY IN THE MOMENT in module two.

⇒  Learn how PREVENTION (of the anxiety overwhelm) is possible in module three.

⇒  Learn specific action steps to take in each area of overcoming anxiety.

The course includes videos and downloadable PDF’s.  Lifetime access is yours.


Overcoming = succeeding in dealing with; overpowering; prevailing.

Because that’s what you’ll learn to do.

Come join me.


Pay In Full — $97

Two Installment Payment Plan — $55/month for two months

Three Installment Payment Plan — $35/month for three months

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