When You Can’t Decide What You Want, Do These 3 Things

“The problem, simply put, is that we cannot choose everything simultaneously. So we live in danger of becoming paralyzed by indecision, terrified that every choice might be the wrong choice.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny.” – Roy T. Bennett

When we are having trouble figuring out what we truly want, often times we think we need to make it more simple. And in trying to do that, we usually think smaller… more specific.

But going smaller isn’t the answer.

If you’re having trouble determining what you want, you aren’t thinking BIG ENOUGH.

If you want to truly decide what you want, first and foremost, you have to THINK BIGGER! Imagine bigger. Envision bigger.

Not sure how to do that? I got you.

1. Actively seek out role models.

Look for people who have created either what you want to create, or have created what they themselves want to be living.

This doesn’t mean you what to do what they do in the world, or that they have all the answers – they don’t. None of us do.

But if you can get a whiff of their zest for life and see what’s POSSIBLE, you’ll be more inspired to dream about and go after what is possible for you. Which is anything.

2. Write a vision statement.

How do you want to FEEL?

Determine that first. Try to come up with at least 3-5 powerful feeling words.

Then, apply each of those feeling words to the different areas of your life.

For example, if you want to feel freedom, what would create the feeling of freedom within you with respect to your career? Your relationships? Money? Hobbies? Self-care?

Go through each feeling and each area of your life.

And GO BIGGER! Until you can say, “oh yeah right!”, you haven’t gone big enough.

Then, and this is KEY, rewrite the vision statement as a thank you letter, as if it has already happened — as if you are already living it.

3. Practice envisioning what you want daily.

It’s not just about seeing it with your mind’s eye, though.

You have to put yourself into the feeling place of it.

Feel what it would be like if it already happened.

Pretend it’s already yours.

Pretending isn’t crazy. It’s how you CREATE.

By actively envisioning and acting as if, you will begin to become aware of your own preferences that you didn’t previously have access to.


4. Actively use patience.

Say what?!

I know, I know. I’m not usually a fan of patience. But it’s actually kind of key.

And it’s not what you’ve been told “patience” is all these years.

Go here to learn what patience actually is, and how exactly to use it to your benefit.

Sometimes you have to give inspiration a nudge. Taking these steps will help you do that, and will help you not only figure out what it is that you truly want, but also how to begin experiencing it.

With love,