Why You Need to Blast Your Busy Signal and Refuel Your Spirit

off hook


Do you remember what it was like before everyone had call waiting?  And cell phones?  Do you remember the tone of the busy signal, letting you know that whomever you were trying to reach wasn’t available right then?

Do you remember when we didn’t have to allow everyone access to us 24/7?

We can still do that.  In fact, we must do that.

Be judicious with how and to whom you give away your energy.  Not everyone is worthy of your energy, and if you don’t feel like you have it to give, even those most worthy do not need it.

That’s right.  They DO NOT NEED IT.

When you are feeling as if you just don’t have it to give, you don’t have it to give.  Not the way you want to.  So find a way to rejuvenate yourself.  Let your busy signal be heard…and take the time the refill your spirit.

Remember:  you cannot serve from an empty vessel.  While that busy signal is flaring, renew your energy.  Then, and only then, will you be able to be of best service to those you love and guide.

Love and light,


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