Why You Need to Release Those Old, Stanky Patterns


Energy needs to move.  It’s not supposed to stay stagnant.  By resisting it, trying not to acknowledge it, it stays still.

I realized something this morning.  As in, to my core.  Something I’d understood about myself already, but not to this depth.  And then I felt the stagnant energy – in my chest.  I believe I had become aware that the energy was stagnant, and it was being released — that’s what I was feeling… so it’s nothing to fear, of course.  It’s energy taking its right and best course.

The releasing of old, long-held patterns is an interesting endeavor.  Especially at first, when you might be unaware of what’s happening.  But those patterns must be released for new, healthier patterns to take their place.

So release.  Release release release.

And fill.  Fill me up with the new patterns that hold the promise of better things to come.

Deep, new-patterns-taking-shape breaths.  Fulfillment.  Excitement.  Gratitude.

Love and light,


When have you released old, stagnant patterns?  Leave a comment below!

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