Why You Need to Transform the Root of It


“The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual.” ~ Samuel Smiles

So I have this tooth.  This tooth that needs some attention.  I had a choice to make:  have it pulled or have a root canal.

My first thought was to yank that sucker.  I mean, please.  It’s a molar (so no one could tell when I smile) and it’s WAY cheaper to have an extraction than a root canal.  Not to mention, less painful (in my experience – wisdom teeth pulled versus one other root canal = no brainer … wisdom teeth yanked were much less painful).

I was even able to justify this in a metaphorical sense, as all of what we experience is truly about the lesson presented.

You see, for the past several years, I’ve been unearthing and transforming a lot of root challenges that have plagued me for most of my life.  Things that have caused me to rely on fear-based decision-making, rather than on faith, power, and love-based decision-making.

So I figured, that’s right, baby!  Yank that root out!  Get rid of it!  BOOM!

However, when I react to something, instead of responding to something, it leads me astray.  My first thought to yank the tooth was a reaction.  It would be less painful, less expensive, less time consuming.  But I had an intuitive sense that it wasn’t the right decision.

So I took pause.  I realized that responding is not about yanking the root.  It’s about soothing it.  Healing it.  Transforming it to make it healthy again.  Healthy. AGAIN. Because that is where it came from, and that is its natural state, whether it’s a tooth in need of care, or our own inner wounds and self-limiting beliefs that require attention and transformation.

I’ve decided to have the root canal.  Just as with healing and transforming my self-limiting beliefs, I will get a much better return on my investment.

With love and light,


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