Why Your Truth is the New Black (and how to start rocking it)

little black dress

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”  – Karl Lagerfeld

Black is the go-to color.  It’s sleek, refined, classy.  Ladies, we all have that little black dress (or several, as the case may be).  When in doubt, we know we can count on black to be the basis for any kind of outfit we wish to put together, no matter what the accept pieces may be.

Truth is much the same.  In fact, I dare say that truth is trumping the importance of black.  You are neither over-dressed nor underdressed when wearing your truth.

Your truth — your own — not what someone else tells you is the truth —  is the best foundation to lay for any kind of situation.  When we aren’t living in our truth  — when we don’t have that base of ourselves grounded — our lives are all kinds of chaotic.  When you are standing in your truth however, the chaos can be swirling around you, but it can’t touch you.  Eventually, you may not even notice it at all.

It is when you decide to focus on finding your calm, your center, that you begin to stand in your truth and parade it around as the best fashion statement ever.

So how the hell do I find my own truth, you ask?  There are several ways, and you’ll recognize which one works best for you after you take the time to work through each of them.  Be patient with yourself and trust that you’ll find your way.


Pen and paper, laptop and typing…whatever works for you.  I do both.  Sometimes I find comfort in putting pen to paper and feeling the words flow from my hand, other times I have so much to say that I need to use the laptop because I can type so much faster than I can hand write.

The journal topics do not matter.  Start with simple things, start with heavy things.  Just let the words flow.  Don’t restrict yourself.  Allow whatever flows out to do so without judgment.


Yes, meditate.  I know, it can be scary.  How in the hell do you expect me to quiet my mind?  I know you want to shout that at me.  It’s okay.  I get it.  The trick to meditating is finding what works FOR YOU.  You can close your eyes and say a mantra that you find peaceful.  You can do a body scan where you focus on each part of your body individually and how it feels (without judgment of course – just observing).  You can light a candle and watch the flame intently.  I know meditation gurus will tell you that it’s about clearing your mind, but let’s be honest… there’s always a thought that trickles in.  I find it better to say “Hey there thought!  You found your way in, no be on your way out,” and just refocus on what I was doing (mantra or body scan, or focusing on the flame).  It’s about being in the moment.


Holy hell are these two actions the best way to unleash your inner truth.  I’m not talking about choreographed dancing and The Voice audition kind of singing.  I’m talking about soul movement and releasing your voice.  You know which music resonates with you.  Use it.  You know which songs make your inner rock star come out.  Sing them.

When you get into the groove of truly being yourself in these ways, your truth will just come flooding out.  You won’t even expect it.  And it will happen in areas of your life that you never realized you weren’t living according to how you truly believe.  It’s cathartic.  It’s necessary.

Move over, black.  Truth is the next big fashion statement.

Wear it proudly and with sass.

Love and light,




Did this resonate with you?  Did you enjoy reading it?  Did you learn something?  If so, please share!  xoxo

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